Cincotta takes on the stage, telling the story of its maritime roots.

The Cagliari-based shipping company celebrates the historical-cultural-commercial theme that links two islands (Sardinia and
Lipari) with an evening at the theater


Cagliari – Cincotta Shipping Agency celebrates with an historical, cultural and commercial theme that links two islands, Sardinia and Lipari. An amazing evening at the theater!An ancient common thread links two Italian islands, very different geographically in size but of comparable cultural importance. This common thread, discovered by Vincenzo Cincotta, and re-discovered by his friends and guests through this ‘Humanist’ approach to a seafaring dynasty between the small island of (Lìpari) and the bigger island of (Sardinia), whilst keeping his root true to his beliefs.



With one of his astonishing events, the Sardinian-Eolian maritime entrepreneur, who loves “digging” into history, literary and archaeologic culture, organized a special evening. However this was not to celebrate an anniversary! Cincotta Shipping was officially established in 1946, but the celebration
was to commemorate the corporate achievements of Cincotta. Especiallythe recent completion of a new age for the logistical activities at its the new, modern, and capatious group headquarters, within the heart of the Port of Cagliari.

In the past Cincotta contributed to a collection of memories such as frescoes giving an insight into the life and stories of the seas. These were condensed into a series of volumes and native publications – from ‘La ciurma’ (1996) to ‘Le ìsole degli Dei’ (2008), passing through ‘With the favor of Eoło ‘(2000). In addition to two watercolor paintings and a book depicting ‘Cagliari’ and ‘Sardinia’, it highlights Cincotta’s interest into the two islands historical past.

The culture and traditions of the territories. Documented in the publications which are milestones, each volume tells a piece of the story.

Some of the people that help make the company, through the discovery of places and events.In this latest event the Shipping Agent from Cagliari has
decided to celebrate the noble art of the theater.The invitation by the owner of Cincotta Shipping was enthusiastically accepted by the Aeolian performers of the theatre Company “Piccolo Borgo Antico di Lipari”. They arrived at the Teatro Massimo of Cagliari (packed, with all seats sold out) performing an ‘eolianizzata’ version of the famous comedy ‘The Miser’ by Molière packed in 3 acts, which drew big appluse for all of the performers, in front of local dignatories and a very rich cultural audience. All the guests, hosted by Cincotta, had a very busy night with the preparation in meticulous attention to detail for this spectacular performance.

The premise to this ‘cultural exchange’ between Sardinia and Lipari was sponsored by the Municipality of Lipari and Rotary. An organization involved in the recovery and preservation of artistic and expressive heritage in all of its various beautiful forms.

Explained during a presentation in the foyer of the theater by the creator, it is the ancestral link that ties lchnusa and Lipari, united by millennia of
commercial and culture exchanges, as attested by the many Sardinia Nuragic items which were found in Lipari and preserved in the Archaeological
Museum. An ancient route which has been crossed by thousands of boats over history to weave a relationship of friendship culminating with the pumice
stone of Lipari reaching Cagliari (semi-destroyed after the 1943 bombing) to rebuild the City.

A commercial flow that is perpetuated in the name of culture and friendship.Thus it has been proved that the interchange between the shores of the two
islands has been ongoing for several centuries. This historical link lead the Cincotta family from it’s Liparian origins to traverse the seas to Sardinia and finally settle in Cagliari. Commander Bartolo, founder of the company and the father of Vincenzo, served in the Italian merchant navy and having survived World War II decided to set up his own business. A shipping agency which in 1946 in the port he knew already since he had landed there in 1931, at the age of 16, on a three-masted 600ton sailing vessel commanded by his father Vincenzo.

Today the Cincotta family are the fourth generation engaged in the
maritime field. With his wife Franca Bargone alongside him, Vincenzo, who took over the company upon the death of his father in 1977, has today wisely
carved out for himself a position as honorary president. Leaving the front line to the managing directors, to his daughter Cinzia, and son Gianmarco, both
shipping agents and graduates in economics and law respectively.

Cincotta Group srl is today composed of 5 companies – Agenzia Marittima Cincotta Srl, Cincotta Feederferry srl operational since 1999, Enrico Pernis ltd taken over 2008. Multimedia Srl born 1986 and as a promoter for Costa Crociere Sardinia, from 1990 to 2007, then from 2006 with the added name of locrociere operating as a travel agency and tour operator. Enrico Pernis NCC – through which he operates in all the ports of Sardinia in business of shipping, logistical, supply and travel.

In December 1996, during the celebrations for the first half century of activity of the shipping agency, Vincenzo Cincotta, who is now 73 Years Old, being both prophetically and superstitious, wrote: “ We have survived for 50 years and we will try to survive more, even if, almost certainly, I will not be able to celebrate the 75th anniversary, because I have no intention of working until 75 years old and because I sincerely hope that if Cincotta still lives so successfully, it will be lead by someone else to my place …

“Luckily only the second prophecy by Vincenzo has come trueM